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Jeep Outdoor Lifestyle & Camping

Jeep Outdoor Lifestyle & Camping

When you're a jeeper, you don't just drive a vehicle; you are part of a select few who understand that Jeep is a way of life. Wear Jeep on your sleeve wherever you go with apparel and lifestyle gear built tough. At 4WD, we have the apparel and gear that says, “I'm a jeeper.”

Jeep Hats and Shirts
The best way to show your commitment to Jeep when you're not in your vehicle is with Jeep hats and shirts. At 4WD, our apparel options let you tell the world that you're a jeeper. Whether you are looking for a Jeep baseball hat or one that shows you are committed to using Smittybilt parts on your Jeep, our selection of hats has what you need. Or, show your love of all things Jeep with a 4Wheel Drive Hardware shirt declaring “One Nation Livin' the Jeep Life.”

Jeep Lifestyle Gear
At 4WD, we know your jeeper lifestyle goes beyond your Jeep and Jeep ball caps. That's why our catalogue includes a variety other lifestyle gear like backpacks, camping tools, fridges and coolers, trail chairs and tents. Whether you are camping under the stars or supporting your favorite sports team in the parking lot before the game, our lifestyle gear lets you show your jeeper pride in style.

Hassle-Free Exchanges and Returns
As with all of the parts available at 4WD, our Jeep apparel and lifestyle gear features easy returns and exchanges within 30 days of purchase if you are not satisfied with your purchase. From fitted Jeep hats to camping trailers, we offer four easy ways to exchange or return purchased merchandise. And, if you find your item for a better price elsewhere within 90 days of purchase, our exclusive 4Wheel Drive Hardware price match guarantee means we will match the lower price and provide a refund for the difference. We have the apparel and gear you need, so shop today.

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Backpacks and Bags Weekend adventures need supplies. Lots of them, from food to ammunition. Pack like a pro and get everything tucked away with Jeep cargo totes and jeep backpacks. Jeep cargo tote bags have skid-resistant nubs on the bottom to keep them in place on bumpy rides. Snap-in dividers give it flexibility, just configure it to meet your needs. Specially constructed ammo cans and a gun storage protector can ensure safety during travel and protect equipment from adverse weather. Browse our full selection of Jeep gear bags and storage options.

Camping PAKs Off-road weekends are all about sleeping under the stars, the crackling campfire and reminiscing with friends. Jeep camping gear is heavy-duty and made to withstand extreme weather and hard travel conditions. We’ve bundled the most popular equipment to make it quick and easy for you to pack for your next weekend escape. Options for the camping chairs pack includes chairs and a 24-pak canvas cooler or trail shade. Full camping packages offer canopies and tents made with sleeve seals for trucks, Jeeps and SUVs. Mount a Jeep cargo box to the roof or tailgate to safely store hunting accessories, tools and assorted gear. Visit for a full range of camping and hunting supplies. Orders are shipped fast to get you out on the trail.

Camping Tools The best days are when you’re having too much fun to keep an eye on the clock. What’s not so much fun is finding yourself in the middle of nowhere and it’s about to get dark. Don’t be unprepared. offers important Jeep camping tools so you can hit the trails with a peace of mind. Trail & hiking tools are a must-have for every Jeep owner. You never know where your off-road adventures will take you. What if you end up at a nice remote location and want to spend the night? sells Jeep cargo totes and tool kits so you can set up your campsite and get the most out of your trip. Don’t wait with purchasing your essential Jeep camping accessories. With our 100% price match guarantee you’re getting the best price.

Fire Extinguishers Installing a Jeep spare tire cage on your ride enables you to enjoy more leg- and bed-room while you’re out roaming the backroads on your weekend excursions. However, there’s a lot more you can do with your spare tire carrier mount and other parts than just stick a tire on it. All you need is a few accessories to make this part of your Jeep really pop. At, we’re dedicated to getting you the tire carrier accessories and other parts you need to make your Jeep operate at its full potential. Whether it’s a spare tire carrier adapter, a spare tire cover, or another important part, we’ll offer you the best aftermarket selection with an unbeatable price guarantee.

First-Aid and Sanitary Equipment When hitting the trails, it’s important to carry around Jeep first aid kits as you never know what you will encounter. Spending the night somewhere in the middle of nowhere, no matter if anticipated or not, calls for shower kits and trash bags. sells sanitary equipment for cars & trucks that will get you through every situation. Don’t waste your time picking up your trash because that household trash bag on the back of your Jeep ripped while blazing down the trails. has the solution to all your problems. Keep your trash outside so it doesn’t smell up your rig with spare tire trash bags. In order to take full advantage of our military discount and 100% price match guarantee, pick up a Jeep first aid kit as well. That way you’re covered.

Flashlights & Portable Lighting When off-roading, you don’t want to be pressed for time and definitely don’t want to worry about what time of the day it is. Portable flashlights for Jeep rigs are a must-have for every off-road enthusiast. offers a great variety of portable lighting for cars & trucks so you can enjoy the trails even in the dark. Spot lights, utility lights, deck lamps and LED flashlights are all necessities when enjoying the backcountry in your Jeep. You don’t ever want to find yourself in the dark not knowing where to turn. has everything you need and can also help you stay organized with a Jeep cargo box that holds all your lights and off-roading equipment

Fridges & Coolers Off-roading wouldn’t be fun without ice-cold beverages and sandwiches that allow you to recharge. The only way to keep them fresh is with Jeep fridges and coolers. No matter if you’re looking for classic coolers or high-tech coolers that let you listen to music when camping, has coolers & mini fridges for cars & trucks for every taste. YETI is known for making rugged coolers that can withstand the stress and strains of off-roading. has an extremely large variety of YETI coolers for sale that won’t let you down. If you’re looking for more storage space for equipment and non-perishable items, then a Jeep cargo box is the answer. Let us be your one stop for storage solutions and Jeep equipment. Our guarantee of workmanship assures you that our products are just as heavy-duty as your off-roading.

Generators When off-roading, you never know what situations you might get into and you want to be able to be spontaneous. What if you want to set up a campsite just to realize you don’t have the equipment and tools necessary to make it through the night? has generators for cars & trucks for sale that let you face any circumstances with confidence. Jeep generators give you the necessary power to make it through anything. The Smittybilt inverter generator is a premium generator that provides clean energy for even the most sensitive electronics. With parallel cables you can run two Smittybilt generators simultaneously for even more power. Don’t run out of power and don’t let anything hold you back.

Refrigerator Accessories If you just purchased one of the fridges & coolers for Jeep rigs to keep your drinks icy-cold, you need the right accessories. Transit bags and slides are just some of the essential things you need when off-roading. You will also want to hook up your cooler to your Jeep, so be sure to check out our cords and refrigerator wiring.The best way to hook up a portable fridge to your Jeep is with our freezer wiring kit. It comes with everything you need to do it right the first time: quick-connect terminals, in-line fuse, covered socket and cable. After you accomplished this, you should securely mount your fridge so it doesn’t slide around when blazing down the has refrigerator wiring for sale and offers all the refrigerator accessories for cars & trucks that you could ever need. On top of that, we also offer our guarantee of workmanship and exclusive military discounts.

Trail Chairs What’s camping without Jeep trail chairs? It’s definitely not real camping. There’s nothing like parking the rig at a nice remote location, set up the campsite and relax with icy-cold drinks and sandwiches in a sturdy camping chair. has a large variety of heavy-duty camping gear & accessories for sale to turn your trip into a real camping trip. Let’s be serious. Many camping chairs were not designed with backcountry camping in mind. That’s why ARB made it a priority to create chairs that are built to last. Robust alloy frames, aluminium armrests, durable nylon, padding and drink holders are just some of the features that make them stand out. sells ARB chairs as well as important camping tools and Jeep camping accessories. Be sure to order from us today to take advantage of our guarantee of workmanship.

You get in the thick of things with your Jeep, traveling to far off locations, muddy swamps, and terrains that most people only dream of exploring. While your Jeep provides ample space for the supplies that make your adventures possible, making the most of that space can require mastery level origami. Stay organized and make better use of your space with the high-quality Jeep racks and accessories available at

Keep It Cold
Coolers are your best friend for transporting your favorite food, drinks, or temperature-sensitive items. Keep it cool with a cooler rack for Jeep, enabling you to transverse great distances with more space by utilizing the area around the Jeep spare tire storage. When you get to your perfect camping destination, you'll have a cooler stocked full of your favorites to sustain the rest of your adventure without sacrificing crucial gear space.

Outside and Inside provides storage solutions for all your Jeep needs and can upgrade your organization inside and outside of your vehicle. Whether you want a cooler rack for Jeep, roll bar storage accessories, pet dividers or tailgate storage expansion, you'll be find top-tier quality accessories for your Jeep at Logistics may be a necessary labor, but with our extensive selection of organization accessories, it doesn't necessarily have to be laborious. By outfitting your Jeep with dividers, boxes and racks, you can spend less time preparing for your trip and more time on the journey.

Do More for Less
You'd rather be outside jeeping than searching for the best prices or quality products— understands that, so we put in the legwork for you. But if you do come across the same part at a lower price within the first 90 days of your purchase, we'll go a step further and make up the difference immediately with our price match promise. So order now to get back to doing what you do best—exploring—at the best possible price, guaranteed.

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